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ABC1 was a United Kingdom based television channel from The Walt Disney Company utilizing the branding of the Disney owned American network, ABC.

The channel initially launched exclusively on the British digital terrestrial television platform Freeview on 27 September 2004. On 10 December 2004 it was launched on Telewest's digital cable service, and soon afterwards on the NTL digital cable service. On 30 August 2005, ABC1 was launched on the Sky Digital satellite platform. The channel was encrypted as part of the basic Sky package, and is therefore wasnot free-to-air, in contrast to its unencrypted status on Freeview and cable television. From October 2005, ABC1 was carried on the NTL Ireland digital TV platform.


It was announced that on 7 September 2007, ABC1 will cease broadcasting on all UK TV platforms, due to a failure of agreement for increasing its broadcasting hours on Freeview. ABC1 will closedown on all UK TV platforms from mid day, September 26 2007. [1]

It's unknown yet what channel will replace its current 12 hour slot on Freeview. UKTV History is changing its broacasting hours and may use part of the old ABC1 space. ABC1 was removed from the Sky EPG slot channel 170 at 12:14PM.

The ABC1 website, has the following quote:

We regretfully announce that Walt Disney Television will no longer be transmitting abc1 on any of the UK TV platforms (Freeview, cable or satellite) after September 2007. Walt Disney Television would like to thank its viewers for watching the channel and interacting with the website. It's been a great few years and we appreciate your viewership.

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