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Eurosport is the largest European sports satellite and cable network available in 54 countries and broadcasting in 18 different languages. It is owned by the TF1 Group.

Eurosport offers viewers varied sports such as UEFA Champions League football, the Paris Dakar Rally, the Olympics, cycling, tennis, wintersports and youth sports like skating and surfing.

.In the UK, British Eurosport launched in 1999, replacing Eurosport International on most platforms and this channel has some schedule changes as well as local commentary.

Eurosport is shown in most countries across Europe, with the commentary in the local language, but not necessarily local advertising. Most European countries also have domestic sports channels, which are more likely to show premium events than Eurosport.

Currently there are a number of channels that are broadcast under the Eurosport name: Eurosport France, British Eurosport, Eurosport Deutschland, Eurosport Italia, Eurosport Poland, Eurosport Nordic and Eurosport Asia-Pacific, Eurosport 2 (versions for all Eurosport regions except Asia Pacific) and Eurosport News.