TV 2 News (former working title: TV 2 Nyhedskanalen) is a Danish language television news channel which started broadcasting on December 1, 2006. It's one of the first 24-hour news channels in the Danish language (24 Nordjyske is also a 24-hour news channel but is only shown in the northern Jutland).

There's editorial offices at TV 2's headquarters, Kvægtorvet in Odense, and in Copenhagen.


The channel uses a 15-minute newswheel, with focus on different subjects throughout the day, for example traffic reports from the Danish Road Directorate and their helicopter (weekday mornings), business news (weekdays at 9am, noon and 5pm) and sport (especially in the weekends). At 7pm, the channel broadcasts the TV 2-news (until 7:25), before returning to their longer special Svar Udbedes (Answer Requested, often with guests and debates) on weekdays and "Sportsmagasinet" (Sport-magazine) on weekends. From 1am (or midnight on weekends), the newswheel are re-runs of the latest one with minor changes throughout the night until 7am (8am weekends) where the regular newswheel starts again.

At any point, the programming can be interrupted for the breaking news.