TV6 is an entertainment channel broadcasting to Sweden. It is owned by Viasat.


The channel has origins in the youth channel that started broadcasting in the early 1990s. In 2004, Viasat started repositioning the channel by introducing sports broadcasts and other programming that mainly targeted men.

In February 2006, Viasat received a license to broadcast a channel called TV6 in the terrestrial network. This channel would take over virtually all ZTV programming, except the music videos that ZTV showed during the day. TV6 launched in May 2006 and simultaneously replaced ZTV in most cable networks. When ZTV was rebranded as TV6, a new ZTV channel started that only showed music videos.

TV6 focuses on entertainment and occasional but high-profile sports broadcasts (like the UEFA Champions League). Sitcoms and series from the U.S. are popular fixtures, and the channel hosts The Simpsons, Saturday Night Live, Seinfeld, Family Guy, American Dad, Kingdom Hospital, The Contender, Bullshit! and Scrubs. Its inaugural night of broadcasting set the tone by scheduling a game from the 2006 ice hockey World Championships and the movie Terminator 3.

The channel is not to be confused with another channel with the same name launched by the same company in 1994 (TV6 Action/Nature). It is now known as Viasat Nature/Crime.